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Melvin’s technical alter-ego, the bleedingEDGE Engagement Platform, is a one-to-one marketing generator that determines the areas of behavior that would serve you as a Resident of the Neighborhood to best allocate your scarce time and resources — and nudges you towards those behaviors. The objective of the bleedingEDGE is to create a nudge profile for each Resident. The platform is the vehicle that empowers Melvin to navigate for you on your journey.

This profile is created from information gained from "A Look In The Mirror" (Action Points) combined with information obtained from previous Front Porch engagements (campaign triggers) and miscellaneous activities and travels through the community (e.g. Nests).

The output vehicle, "Opening The Shades", is a morning email sent to each Resident with an aggregation of five nudges based on the pertinent information above. The nudges are designed to assist the Resident in their journey using the assets of the Neighborhood’s Front Porch network. In addition to the morning email, the Resident may also receive texts (if preferences indicate) relevant to the aggregated nudges.


Action Points

Action Points are the consolidation of Topics (or questions in "A Look In The Mirror") for the use of behavior modification when executing Front Porch campaigns. Using Action Points rather than Topics will simplify, yet not compromise, the quality of the assessment. This is not intended to be anything other than my subjective idea (with some informal collaborative assistance) of what a person should strive to be - no expert opinions. As time goes on, the algorithm will evolve using input from the community (Node).

Each contributing Topic will have a weight assigned to it as and if it applies to a specific Action Point; and within each Topic each answer will also have a weight. The product of Topic and answer weights will give the Action Point a score. These calculations will then be subject to alterations to determine the finished Action Point score that will be used to match with relevant Front Porch campaigns and ultimately forwarded to the Resident.

When a Front Porch creates a campaign, they will assign each campaign one of the following Primary Action Points (in the respective campaign layout in the interface).

Primary Action Points

  • Organization

  • Physical activity

  • Nutrition

  • Medical upkeep

  • Psychological replenishment

  • Social contact

  • Life-long learning

  • Civic participation/civic self-efficacy

  • Temperance/vice control

  • Foresight/preparation in a Covid world

Secondary Action Points

Secondary Action Points are independent of the assessment ("A Look In The Mirror"). They are factors that I believe are important for all people to possess. They not only strengthen the individual but also the community as a whole. One or more Secondary Action Points will automatically be included in the selection of nudges/campaigns in the daily email. The selection will alternate through the four via a random number code assignment. The nudge based on the Secondary Action Point will be generated directly from the Neighborhood, not individual a Front Porch.

  • Belief in self-efficacy

    • Self-sufficiency

    • Taking responsibility

  • Creating a personal and collective protopia

    • Visualizing dreams and goals

    • Blue-Sky thinking

  • Mindfulness

    • Being aware of your surroundings and thinking about them

    • Micro focus

  • Empathy and contribution

    • “Leave every person, every place and everything better off from you being there”


Connecting Action Points To Front Porches

Moving along the algorithmic flow, Action Points will then be attached to nudge campaigns designed and executed by merchants, healthcare providers, NGOs and any other entities (i.e. individuals, aliens, robots, etc.) that comprises the Front Porch network. Rather than create nudge campaigns one at a time, we suggest a Front Porch make use of Melvin Marketing Subscriptions as a tool for their strategy and tactical implementation. Subscriptions are essentially marketing theme packages that are templated and designed for specific industry niches. Each revolves around specific Action Point, while taking into account the Front Porches niche and includes a group of campaign triggers.

Each Front Porch has the opportunity to use preset programming in the bleedingEDGE Platform that can activate any of the engagment-based preset triggers that depend on the relationship the Resident has with the Front Porch. For example: a Front Porch could use a re-activation trigger for patrons who haven’t been seen in while; a birthday program; or even an automatic trigger for complimentary products or services. A full list of the campaign triggers are linked to above.

The data required for the bleedingEDGE Platform is obtained through a Front Porch being a member of Melvin’s dedicated loyalty program — BRICKS. BRICKS is a Front Porch specific program where Residents can earn points (BRICKS) for their patronage. Preferences and criteria are set individually by each Front Porch, not system-wide. BRICKS earned at a Front Porch can only be redeemed at that Front Porch. This allows flexibility more global systems don’t have. BRICKS can be used at any time, including immediately at the time of check out.

Trigger-relevant campaigns coming from multiple different Front Porches will then be weighted according to the Resident’s needs and wants identified in "A Look In The Mirror". From these calculations, a prioritized list of five suggested campaigns (nudges) will then be sent to each Resident in the morning via a email. These emails are considered “prime real estate” in the Resident’s attention span universe. Each suggestion is carefully curated based on the Resident’s well-being needs and triggered by events and previous experiences at the Front Porches sponsoring the included campaigns. We call this morning engagement wake up - “Opening The Shades”.

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