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BRICKS: Using Algile


BRICKS loyalty program


One of the key components of Melvin’s Neighborhood is the BRICKS loyalty program. BRICKS works much like other loyalty programs in that customers are rewarded for their patronage. Patrons earn points according to criteria each Front Porch individually sets (e.g. one BRICKS per $10 spent, etc.). BRICKS earned at a Front Porch can only be redeemed at that Front Porch. This allows individual program flexibility one-size-fits-all systems don’t have, in that management can set or change the criteria when they want and not have it affect programs at other Front Porches. BRICKS can be used at any time, including using points earned at that time immediately at check out.

The data required for the bleedingEDGE Engagement Platform is obtained through the BRICKS loyalty programs. This enables Residents to receive nudges in their morning "Opening The Shades" email that reflect their past engagements and purchases at that Front Porch.

BRICKS’ calculations will be independently entered through a web interface by an employee at the Front Porch. During Phase Two of Melvin’s Neighborhood proliferation, input will be extracted direct from the Front Porch’s Point Of Sale (POS) software. This will be implemented as specific third party POS are brought on board, partnered with and their technology is integrated.

Residents will be able to see their BRICKS balances for each Front Porch they are signed with via the Melvin’s Neighborhood API.


Creating Agility In Your Front Porch

Melvin’s Neighborhood’s involvement with the Front Porch community extends beyond each business (or organization’s) use of Neighborhood services. The Neighborhood offers assistance in business “agility” — using real time sales data (fueled by their participation in the BRICKS loyalty program and processing through the bleedingEDGE platform) to make marketing and operational decisions. Examples of these decision include adjusting hours of operations, staffing requirements, marketing tactics to be in sync with the dynamic needs and wants of their market.

  • Monthly sales totals (as represented by BRICKS’ redemptions)

  • Weekly sales totals

  • Day of the week sales totals

  • Average hourly sales totals

Additional information to be used from Melvin’s Neighborhood will include segmenting out sales acquired as a result of specific offers (including a breakdown of trigger effectiveness). Subsequent phases of the bleedingEDGE software will be able to tap directly into outside suppliers to insure ideal inventory levels and proper selection automatically.

Each Front Porch on the Melvin Neighborhood’s network will be assigned their own Associate Community Empowerment Concierge (CEC) to assist in the initial and ongoing onboarding of the Agile Neighborhood system (including BRICKS optimization).

The objective is for any member business or organization in Melvin’s Neighborhood is to have the same data tools in a simple format and be able to use them in a quicker and more effective manner than the corporate chains and big box stores. This along with a Neighborhood Front Porch having the ties to the community they do, creates potential for a competitive advantage that only needs to be taken advantage of. While it may seem like it’s the data that is the focus here — maybe more important is the potential for employee involvement in the success of the business overall. A sense of pride is nurtured from knowing that where they work is about a lot more than just profit for the owners. It’s being part of a real asset to the community.

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