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Nests represent the leading edge of the Neighborhood platform. Full algorithmic use of bleedingEDGE system but using a unique delivery system — focusing of physical location (yet no restrictions on where that location can be) and how a campaign can make use of it.

Nests represent the “aliveness” of the Neighborhood, the dynamic energy. Nests are geofences that activate when a Resident enters a specified area. Nests provide a serendipitous feel to the Neighborhood. You never know when you’ll be electronically nudged to engage; and you’ll never know what the engagement will be and where it’s coming from. This ubiquitous feeling of uncertainty adds to the excitement of Melvin’s Neighborhood — and provides the perfect compliment to the know quality the “Opening The Shades” morning synopsis of nudges.

Nests contribute positively to both Residents and Front Porches. Residents will be exposed to creative source of civic and personal engagement. Through Nests, Front Porches have another vehicle to connect with patrons and not-yet-patrons. Serendipitous nudges empowers your community to provide you with a display of physical, mental and social engagements.

A key element of Melvin’s Neighborhood is developing a fluidity of thought in the Residents. The serendipity aspect of Nests contributes to this.

Nests are leased out for custom campaigns sponsored by Melvin’s Neighborhood and occassional cause-related situations. The Neighborhood’s use of Nests provides the vehicle to reinforce its philosophy and civic tenets. Nests activation algorithms can simple or they can be complex. Below are couple ideas on how a Nest can be constructed.

  • Simple trigger activation: A Front Porch can reinforce one of the selected triggers they use in their contribution to a Resident's "Opening The Shades" morning nudges. For example, activating a Nest can send a Resident a text inviting them back to the Front Porch after a while of not visiting (e.g. 90 days), even the Front Porch is nowhere near the Nest being activated.

  • Multi-layer activation: A Front Porch selling collectables can install an activation algorithm to target existing customers who are part of their VIP Club and have visited the store within the last week. When entering a Nest, this select group will be invited to a one day only pop-up Pop signing for one of the voice actors featured in new season of the anime Death Note. There are only 20 spots available, so the only first ones to respond will be allowed entrance. Response requires only a text back saying "I want Death Note".



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